October 17, 2021

What NOT to do on social media

By now it seems like everyone has heard about the highly public meltdown of Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Az. In case you are not familiar with the situation it all started when a family owned restaurant was featured on a show called Kitchen Nightmares Now one might say that putting your business on a […]

What is a webflyer?

A webflyer is a single full page of content about your business, on our site. Your content on our page, how you want it, your words, your images, we do the heavy lifting for you. No other advertisers or anything to distract focus from your business. All while dealing with an actual person, no cold […]

Apple drops Google maps and why you should care!

By the year 2015 it is expected that mobile internet users will out number users connecting through PC’s and desktops. Apple has a large number of iPhones and the lions share of tablets on the market today. This means that as time goes forward there is a good chance that your customers will try to […]

How to use Facebook to promote your Business

Facebook is serious business and you should pay attention. If I told you I had a way for you to advertise to your customers or potential customers for free, wouldn’t you take me up on that? That is exactly what you are missing out on when you do not take advantage of social media like facebook and twitter. Its really pretty simple and here is how you do it.

QR Codes – Quick Response Code

What are QR Codes? QR Codes are being used more and more in advertising because Consumers want immediate access to relevant information.

What are Google Alerts and How Can They Help Your Business

Google Alerts has many beneficial uses, and many of those can help you run your business. Keep reading to find out how this internet monitoring program can help you run your business.

Creating a Google Account

Google requires that you login to their system even when you are doing free stuff like google places. You do not need to use a gmail account to do this. Just enter an email address and password, we advise that you use an email address and password that can be shared in your organization. Step […]

Adding your business to Google Places

You will need to log into Google before you are able to add your business to Google Places, for help see here. Step 1. Check and see if Google already has information about your business Step 2. This is the important part, Fill out as much information as you can about your business, Google loves […]