October 17, 2021

Apple drops Google maps and why you should care!

By the year 2015 it is expected that mobile internet users will out number users connecting through PC’s and desktops. Apple has a large number of iPhones and the lions share of tablets on the market today. This means that as time goes forward there is a good chance that your customers will try to find you on one of these devices.

According to the IDC’s Worldwide New Media Market Model, more U.S. internet users will access the web through mobile devices rather than through PCs or wireline services by 2015.

Google Map showing Google Places
So what does that have to do with my business you may ask? Coming in the fall of 2012 users of Apples mobile devices will start using Google Places less. Google maps uses the data from Google Places to let you do those cool searches on a map that shows a bunch of pins that are the places your searching for. As we described earlier the smart business owner will have their business listed on Google Places. Many people love this service because its free and effective, we strongly recommend that you use it too. However, this is not all you should do. As companies change services and features, and fight with each other, the small business is smart to take a lesson from investing money. Diversify! Make sure you can be found on all the search engines local listing service, make sure you have a facebook page for your business and use it. Use other sources of social media like blogs, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, etc. Another smart move is to have a web flyer with local guide marketing, so your potential customers can find you regardless of the changes in the tech world.