October 17, 2021

What are Google Alerts and How Can They Help Your Business

using google alerts for your business
Google Alerts
, Allow you to monitor and track what is being said or written about your business. Also, Google Alerts allows you to monitor the competition, who is linking to your site, and what is going on in your industry.

Google Alerts has many beneficial uses, and many of those can help you run your business. Keep reading to find out how this internet monitoring program can help you run your business.

  • Keeping Track of the Competition

  • Why is it useful to track my competition with Google Alerts? Setting up alerts for your competitors names, company names and industry topics. This really works great for watching what is going on in your industry and what your competition is doing. You need to ensure you’re staying as up to date as your competitors are!

  • Brand Monitoring

  • Using Google Alerts to see what is being said about your business can be very useful. Once you have alerts about your business name or personal name you will get an email anytime Google finds those keywords in their searching of the internet. If there is any bad publicity, you are not blindsided by loss of business, but can take action and set the record straight. Many time when a bad review is written on sites like yelp or trip advisor, the business is able to respond to the bad review and help straighten out the complaint. Can anyone afford to have a bad review and not know about it?