October 17, 2021

How to use Facebook to promote your Business

Facebook isn’t just for wasting time or something that just kids play around with anymore. Facebook is serious business and you should pay attention. If I told you I had a way for you to advertise to your customers or potential customers for free, wouldn’t you take me up on that? That is exactly what you are missing out on when you do not take advantage of social media like facebook and twitter. Its really pretty simple and here is how you do it.

  1. Sign up for facebook

    If you do not have your own personal account for facebook, go sign up and get one. If your worried about using your own personal account for your business keep in mind that you will just be administering it with your account. You will interact with the rest of the facebook world as the name of your business via the page you will create. Keep in mind you do not have to be social to have an account with facebook, you don’t have to go make a bunch of friends, or like anything, just use it as a tool for growing your business at the very minimum.

  2. Create your facebook page

    Fill out all the information about you business including address, city, state, phone etc. This will be used as meta data for facebook to try to suggest your business to others so fill it all out as best you can. if you are feeling unsure about what to do or how it will look, make a test facebook page. Make one about your backyard or dog or something, play around with it until you feel comfortable making one for your business. Remember no one can see it until you hit the publish button, and even then you can hit unpublish if things have gone terribly wrong.

  3. Link it to your Twitter account

    You might not have a twitter account yet, but that will be a whole other post, the important thing is you can link your facebook page to your twitter account so what ever you post to your facebook page gets sent out on your twitter account without you have to do anything. Its free too!

  4. Start posting interesting stuff

    This is where you get creative, maybe cool pictures that people will share, daily specials, or tips about your area of expertise. Some businesses post everyday some once a week or once a month. Regardless of your content and strategy for engaging your audience, make sure you take an active interest in marketing your business. Just have a facebook page alone is not enough, you have to use and promote it!

  5. Build your following.

    Put up a sign telling people to like you on facebook, email all your friends, post it on your webpage or blog. You can have a contest, or drawings to get people to come to your facebook page and click on the like button. The more people who “like” your facebook page the more that will see each thing you post. So if you have 1000 people who like your facebook page, each time you post something about your products or services that is a free advertisement going out to a targeted audience. This is a great way to get feedback and interact with your customers. Keep up the posting over time and people will look for your information. Make sure not to flood people asking for their business, rather find creative ways to attract them to your good or services.

  6. Use your blog as content for your facebook page.

    The best thing you can do for posting larger advertisements and interesting articles is to write them on a blog (which is a whole other article) and post a link from your blog article on your facebook page. It can include thumbnails of images, videos and more. As people visit your blog from facebook, search engines will take note and this is a great way to help get your business found on the internet. Blogs are a great tool in your tool kit of internet marketing, and can be done for free.

Oh yeah and make sure you actually do it instead of just reading this blog post!