October 17, 2021

What is a webflyer?

What is a webflyer?
A webflyer is a single full page of content about your business, on our site. Your content on our page, how you want it, your words, your images, we do the heavy lifting for you. No other advertisers or anything to distract focus from your business. All while dealing with an actual person, no cold website asking you a few canned questions about a limited amount of options.

We love helping the little guy grow their web presence. Not everyone needs a website for their business. Does that sound a little crazy? Its not and here is why. Many small businesses don’t need to sell things on the web or provide support for products, what they need is for people to find out about their business, and purchase their goods and services. The main focus of your business probably isn’t making content for the internet, it’s providing goods and services. We think you should focus on what you do best, let us help you with the web stuff and not break the bank in the process.

People use the phone book less and less if at all, keeping that in mind how do they find a business when the need products or services? Internet search engines (mainly google). Think about it, when was the last time you looked something up using a phone book? These people need to be able to find your business, enter the webflyer.

A webflyer is one full page of content with all the important information about your business, focusing on key words that will bring you good search results. Webflyers are made to work and look good on mobile devices as well as desktops. Using quality text describing your products and services as the main content of your webflyer is where we start. If pictures are worth a thousand words, we think you should have plenty of those on your webflyer too. Once you have the content ready we do a little consulting with you about what key words to focus on with your webflyer to get better exposure on search engines. Last we make sure your webflyer is optimized for search results and work with you on building links to increase page rank.

What if I don’t want a website, can I use my webflyer for advertising my business? THAT is what your webflyer is for, use it for purchasing online advertisements, business cards, mailers, and whatever you can come up with. We doubt you can send too much traffic to the site, so the more you want to send the better for you.

How often can I make changes to my webflyer? We don’t have a limit, at first you might want to make more changes until you get it how you want it. After the initial phase a few changes a month are not a big deal and keep the content fresh. If you need frequent changes, we have some strategies for those with heavy content change.

What if I have a website already, how can a webflyer help me? Good question. Lets say that purchasing and managing your own domain, hosting a site, creating and maintaining the site are all something your doing and feel comfortable with, but you might not be at the top of the search list for your area of concern. Having a webflyer will increase your web presence and add page rank to your site since it will have links back to your website. This translates into your site doing better on search results. Sometimes people use a webflyer to focus on specific key words that their website is underperforming on. Other times businesses will use a webflyer to crowd out the first page of the search results. If your website and webflyer take up two of the spots on the first page of results that greatly increases your chances of getting the traffic.

What else does buying a webflyer get me? The first thing we do with anyone who comes on board is give them an internet check up, seeing how they can improve their web presence. We often help people get their social media all in place and working for maximum effect. We do a little keyword research and check how your doing against your competition. Finally, we bring it all together and get your webflyer made so you can get to the thing you wanted to be doing in the first place, Which is running your business not being a web guru.